Mindful Tourism

A different way to enjoy your holiday

The Problem

Minorca is hosting thousands of tourists in a short period of time, and most of this negative impact is reflected in the environment. 

Every year 165 million tones of plastic are throwing into the sea. If we don’t slowdown, in 35 years we will get more plastic than fish from the ocean. 

There are different factors involved with the marine ecosystem preservation. For example taking care of Posidonia meadows, not getting seashells and sand, not disturbing animals like starfishes.

Consciousness is in our hands, we all together can enjoy this small paradise called Minorca for a long time. 

¡Make the Mindful Tourism possible with us!

Plásticos en el Mediterráneo
Posidonia Menorca

The Posidonia

The ocean posidonia is a plant that can be found exclusively in the Mediterranean sea. 

Its preservation is one of the most important things to get a healthy marine ecosystem in the Balearic Islands and Mediterranean sea.

Ocean's lang

It adds oxygen to the se by photosynthesis, contributing to the transparent water color that everybody loves.

Natural habitat of different species

There are more than 100 marine species. For example the Nacra (Pinna Nobilis) that is in a high danger of extinction.

Beach Preservation

From the posidionia meadows location reducing the strength of the sea to the posidonia leftovers deposited on the beach sand and avoiding the retreat of the sea.


Don't Anchor in the Posidonia Meadows

Anchoring in posidonia meadows involves sanctions, the bill may be up to 450.000€.

We highly recommend you to find a free posidonia sea floor to anchor your boat, make sure that you are fulfilling the current rules and laws.

Respect Animals and don't take Seashells

From the smallest fishes using seashells to the small crabs.

There are more animals as marine sponges, algaes and others using seashells.

Part of the beach sand is made by seashells erosion.

If we get this raw material from the sea, we are contributing on sand's disappearance.

Even birds could need some seashells to build nests.

Molluscs are needing calcium carbonate to develop the shell and they get it by dead seashells.

When a Starfish is taken out of water, his breathing gets disturbed, and the animal may die in a few minutes. 

conchas de menorca

Tips to Take Care of Minorca Island

¿Still thinking on what can you do?

The first thing is taking action as soon as possible. Then we are going to give you some tips to make your stance in Menorca as most sustainable as possible. 

As you can see, all the points are just small actions that everybody could make. 

¡Just do it and let’s walk together to a better world!

Use compostable packages and cuterly

Using a reusable bottle and using tupper wares is the best way to avoid using one-use packages and cuterly.

Use your own glass if you are going to a beach bar.

Take your rubbish with you

We use to produce a lot of thrash in the beach, you must take it with you.

Take a bag with you to collect all the rubbish, and obviously, recycle it.

Use ecological sun cream

Did you know that su creams are using harmful chemicals?

There are several studies proving that different components in sun creams are harmful for the marine ecosystem.

Collect all your leftovers and butts

We don't care about if you like to smoke or you are just eating nuts.

Take all your leftovers with you to throw them to the rubbish.

Don't use Gel & Shampoo

There are many people using gel and shampoo in the beach. If you need to take a shower use a ecological gel.

Just take in consideration that all the water is getting into the sea.